Welcome to CBC Surgery Institute. Our mission as a your medical institute of choice is to help improve our patients’ quality of life, offering a personalized service in Cosmetic Surgery with staff fluent in both English and Spanish, located in Málaga and Marbella for our patients’ convenience.

CBC is short for “Cosmetic and Breast Care Surgery” which includes but is not limited to cosmetic breast surgery, such as breast augmentation surgery or breast lift, and breast oncology surgery, just some of CBC’s fields of specialty. Patients can confide in CBC for all inquiries related to breast surgery, and can feel confident in putting their well-being in our surgeons’ hands.

Another aspect of CBC Surgery Institute to highlight is the dedication to correcting problems related to post-pregnancy or massive weight loss, whose common denominator is flaccidity in various regions of the body. CBC’s surgeons are experts in cosmetic surgery and reparation of the abdominal wall (tummy tuck, liposuction, hernias), by using techniques such as “lifting” to sculpt the figure (breast lift, arm lift, thigh lift and face lift).


Cosmetic surgery Marbella


At CBC, we are conscious of the fact that rigorous academic training, expert skills and a constant quest for innovation are the keys to obtaining the best results possible in cosmetic surgery. That’s why CBC Surgery Institute is made up of prestigious surgeons and anaesthesiologists, with advanced training in cosmetic surgery, and vast surgical experience.


Where is the surgery performed?

CBC collaborates with hospitals of reference in both Málaga (Quirón Hospital), as well as Marbella (CERAM Hospital), or our patient’s convenience, and of the utmost level of safety and security. Cosmetic surgery should always be performed in Hospitals with all the necessary services in the event of an emergency. We at CBC believe that procedures should not be performed in small clinics that are unable to provide these emergency services, which can cause a risk for the patient.

Hospital CERAM Marbella cosmetic surgeryThe patient-medical staff relationship is one of CBC’s highest priorities. All of our patients are important to us, not just another number, which is why we go through great lengths so that such an important event in their lives, which is undergoing cosmetic surgery or reconstructive surgery, will go as smoothly and as comfortably as possible. Our patient testimonials attest to the exquisite and personalized treatment we provide at CBC, for those who confide in us.


Who are the experts in cosmetic surgery at CBC?


Dr. Antonio Muñoz Ortega expert in cosmetic surgery


Dr. Antonio Ortega is the director of CBC Surgery Institute. Licensed in Medicine, specializing in Surgery with a post-graduate degree in Cosmetic Surgery, he is an expert in Cosmetic Surgery, Reconstructive Breast Surgery and Abdominal Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Antonio Muñoz Ortega has accumulated his medical academic and surgical training over the past ten years at numerous centers of international and national prestige, such as the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, the Clinic Hospital in Barcelona and Quirón Hospital in Barcelona.


Throughout this time, in order to perfect his field and to stay up-to-date on all the latest techniques, he has completed three Masters, all related to Cosmetic Surgery and Senology, having finished at the top of his class, and having been recognised for his academic excellence by the University of Barcelona. In November 2014, he was announced Head of the Breast Surgery unit in Quirón Hospital in Málaga, where he continues to practice medicine and to see patients, as well as in Marbella. Recently, together with Dr. David Menéndez, he has started to see patients and to perform Cosmetic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery in the ultra-modern and luxurious CERAM Hospital in Marbella.


Dr. David Menéndez Contioso plastic surgeon Marbella


Dr. David Menéndez Contioso is the head consultant at CBC. Dr. Menéndez is a plastic surgeon who completed his training in the nationally renowned hospital, Hospital Universitario Virgen del Rocío in Sevillle, with an extensive professional career, having done rotations in hospitals of reference in Cosmetic Surgery in Madrid and Palma de Mallorca. Dr. Menéndez Contioso has completed multiple national and international courses in Facial Cosmetic Surgery, one of the fields in which he specializes, together with Breast Surgery.


He has completed more than 2,000 successful cases of cosmetic surgery, making him a surgeon of renowned prestige, and a strong addition to the CBC surgical team. Dr. Menéndez also performs surgeries in Quirón Hospital in Málaga as well as in CERAM Hospital, Marbella. Within the complex field of facial cosmetic surgery, Dr. Menéndez has the extensive experience which few professionals in his field have reached. It’s because of his expertise in face lift surgery, blepharoplasty rhinoplasty and other types of cometic surgery that he is a surgeon of reference at CBC Surgery Institute, which guarantees a gold standard in the most innovative treatments we currently offer.


Megan Plisky patient coordinator cosmetic surgeryLastly, one of the factors that make CBC Surgery Institute the medical institution of choice for so many patients is its personalized treatment, especially for our patients who come a long way to see us. Cristina Sanchez Narbona is the national patient coordinator and head nurse, and Megan Plisky is the international patient coordinator. Megan receives all patients who come from abroad or who wish to be attended in English. Her extensive experience in the medical field having worked at a prestigious clinic in Seville for over seven years, as well as in Málaga and Marbella, together with her own personal experience in having undergone various cosmetic surgeries transmits confidence and trust in our patients as well as a means of communicating in English, although all surgeons and nurses have a solid level of English.


Megan will be the first contact with the patient and will help coordinate all trips and virtual consultations, as well as consultations at the hospital with the doctor. Her incredible capacity to connect with the patient and to make the patient feel comfortable at all times makes for the best experience possible. Megan will be available for whatever the patient needs from the start of the process all the way through the post-op recovery to help resolve and doubts and uncertanties.

We invite you to get to know us through a free, informative consultation on the procedure you’re interested in, and we greatly appreciate you reading our blog post and confiding in CBC in order to achieve your ideal body and improve your quality of life. For more information, call us at +34 622055104 and we will be happy to assist you.